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Ladies Ministries    

Image by Omar Lopez

Sister’s Quarterly Morning Out Events

This group will suggest events for the Eastside sisters and their guests to get together on a quarterly basis to have a night of fun, fellowship, edification, encouragement, and food. 


This group will carefully watch the health of church members and their families. They coordinate meals for members or their families if they have been hospitalized or are sick at home and cannot take care of their own needs. 

Laughing Over Lunch
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Cards, Cards, Cards

This group monitors birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions in the lives of our church members on behalf of the Ladies Bible Class. 

Hospice Day

This group will come together to plan, line up activities, and service opportunities that will involve all the sisters in rendering assistance to families with loved ones in Hospice. 

Image by Zach Vessels
Baby Shower Gifts

Showers and More

This group coordinates bridal showers for members getting married, baby showers for married members, and showers for members purchasing their first home.  

It’s Your Birthday

Birthday celebrations are planned each quarter of the year to celebrate the birthdays of Eastside members. This group will come together to pick the dates, plan the menu, and set up the fellowship hall.

Image by Lidya Nada
Female Friends

Other Sisters’ Ladies Days

This group communicates with the church secretary to acquire copies of letters from sister congregations about their Ladies Day programs. The group will post reminders in the bulletin to inform sisters of upcoming Ladies Day events. 


This group of members serve as the greeters on Sunday mornings. Greeters welcome church members and visitors as they arrive. They provide members and guest with a warm welcome and bulletin upon arrival. 


Communion Preparers

Members of this group ensures the communion is prepared each Sunday. 

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